Three Hills | Of Juice No.08 | 9.0%




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  • The final instalment of the SMALL STEPS IN PURSUIT OF JUICE series is upon us!
  • Over 2 years ago, we invested in some pressurized conical fermenting vessels & a small canning line.
  • Prior to this we’d been bottle conditioning our pales & iPas & we just couldn’t make a heavily dry hopped hazy boi.
  • The new equipment gave us the tools to start experimenting properly with dry hopping during fermentation, fermenting under pressure & packaging our hop forward stuff in a way that locked in freshness & aroma.
  • We were on a quest to make the best haze we could. Reflecting the journey in the names, we called the series Small Steps (3% table beer) In Pursuit (6% NEIPA) Of Juice (9% DIPA).
  • We came up with 8 different hop combinations & we’ve now released each version twice.
  • The 2nd time around we changed the yeast to a blend of liquid New England strains, the base malt entirely, the hopping regimes & the water profile.
  • We feel the experiments were successful & that we’ve improved our juice game significantly.
  • It’s now time to stop the tweaking of the 8 versions & say thank you to everybody, especially those of you who tried each version both times around.

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Can – 440ml

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